See I promised you I wouldn't show any spiders! But I will have to talk about them for little bit...

This story comes to us from LAD Bible. A student studying Criminology, named Demi Sweeney woke up normally like any other day. Her roommates were away, and when she stepped out of her bedroom the eight legged creature in the middle of the hallway. She, in a word, froze. Unaware of what to do, or how to get the creature out of her house. She quickly got in touch with her friends, and one came up with an interesting suggestion.

The suggestion was to order food, and then get the delivery driver to get rid of the spider. Demi, having no other options, decided to do just that. She ordered KFC, and then when the driver showed up, asked him to get rid of the spider. The driver, who was also not fond of spiders either, toughed it out and managed to get rid of the spider. All in all, things were resolved and a happy ending for all, with the spider removed.

But serious question, did she have to call a delivery driver to remove the spider? She could have just hit with a broom or something!

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