Season one of Westworld focused on finding the center of the maze — a metaphorical awakening designed by Arnold to unlock the hosts' consciousness and lead them to free will. Now, with that mystery solved, the show has turned to the Door, a new, equally ominous game that, this time around, is for both hosts and humans. So what's the deal?

Two episodes in, it's not yet clear where it is or what might lie behind it, but we do know that both the Man In Black and Dolores are hot on the trail. Ever the sleuthers, Westworld's viewers have already begun to piece together quite the trove of theories. Here are a few to keep in mind as the season presses on. (At this point, these are nothing more than conjecture, but since fan theories have proved true in the past, here's your requisite spoiler alert).

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    A Door to the Outside World

    This may seem like an obvious answer, but given the host rebellion and Ford's plan to to set them free, the Door may be a literal exit that opens to the outside world. Obviously, the Man In Black already knows how to leave, but Ford may be setting him up as a foil to Dolores' plot — either to keep things interesting, or to give her a challenge — or as a pawn to lead her to it.

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    A Door to Westworld's Controls

    With Ford out of the way, there's room for a new park leader, and the Man In Black seems primed for the job. After all, what could be left for a guest who's been visiting the park for decades besides running the place themselves?

    Yes, we've seen the employee version of the control room, but it's clear Arnold and Ford were hiding much more than they let on. Perhaps the Door unlocks the secrets the MIB has long been after, and Dolores is trying to beat him to the punch.

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    It's also possible we've already seen what's behind the door: the DNA Delos has been secretly collecting from all of its guests. If the Man In Black could tap into this information, he could ostensibly upload his own DNA into a host and live forever, just like Ford did for Arnold with Bernard. Dolores, of course, would want this intel for much different reasons (say, for example, building host replicants of real people she could use to take over the outside world), but they'd still be in a race to see who can get there first.

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    One of the Man In Black's biggest gripes is that there are no real stakes in Westworld: He's been desensitized to the sex and gore that made it initially thrilling, and has made it his mission to find new meaning in a park he's since grown tired of. With that in mind, it's possible that the Door is another figurative game, this time for his own death. Perhaps Ford, fed up with the MIB, is leading him to his own grave.

    As Ford tells William: "[The game] ends where you begin and ends where you begin."

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