Imagine this. Pomp and Circumstance is playing over the loudspeakers at the football field or auditorium. The master of ceremonies has already asked that everyone hold their applause until all graduates have had their name called so that everyone gets to clearly hear their name. It's almost time for YOUR child's name to be called, but you can't hear it over the sounds of air horns, vuvuzela's, powered megaphones and the constant whistling and "woo hoo-ing" from all around you.

This was my life a few days ago. I attended a high school graduation where my wife is a teacher and ALL of the aforementioned things were in play. Some guy even had his whole entire family bring confetti cannons to shoot off when "his baby" was announced.

I get it. You're proud of your son or daughter and emotions are running high because of how happy you are that they completed this milestone in life. Chances are when my last child graduates from high school next year, I'll probably ignore the request to "hold all applause until the end" and give my best muffled "golf clap." I'll still be as proud as Mr.Jones who brought the air horn or Mrs. Smith who is shouting "you go gurrrrl" over her powered megaphone. I'll just save the celebratory confetti and balloons for the graduation party. This AIN'T a KISS concert y'all! Show some class!

Wait. KISS concerts have pyrotechnics and I do love me some fireworks. Hmmmm. Ideas for next year! ;)

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