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2020 has put fall sports in somewhat of chaos. However, let’s not forget about marching band season. I mean, we all know the REAL reason people go to football games. It’s the half time show.

I’m just going to say it loud and clear; FOOTBALL SEASON IS ALSO MARCHING BAND SEASON. Period.

There is tons of attention paid to sports. However, music programs across the nation create musical geniuses and opportunities for our youth. Music creates discipline, work ethic, a sense of community, athleticism, and college scholarships.

Yes, you read that right, I said athleticism. If you never marched in a full band uniform and performed an entire half time show, you have no idea the strength that it takes. Also, let’s talk about the daily practice and exercise schedule that comes before the actual performance.

Who is Your Favorite West Alabama High School Marching Band?Marching band season is so important to those in the programs. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused marching band season for some to be non-existent or have a hybrid version of the season. As a marching member in high school, it helped me go to college on a music scholarship. I marched all four years of high school and college. So, I couldn’t imagine not marching or participating in marching band competitions. I’m sure it’s been hard to navigate those feelings.

I would love to know who your favorite marching bands are in West Alabama. Please participate in our poll below by Sunday, December 6th at 5 pm. Be sure to show your school pride and share away with family, friends, and Facebook.

Which West Alabama High School Has the Best Marching Band?

Musically, Mary K – playing instruments, reading sheet music, and playing by ear since the 80s.

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