This story is one you don't hear about everyday.

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Walmart, the monster retailer in Alabama and the USA, accused of racial profiling by a white worker?

Yes, that's exactly what has happened. The employee, named Gary Waldron, and his lawyers also say they have heard from other employees in other states. Multiple states. One of those states listed is ALABAMA.

The employee in question says that race bias was the main factor in his firing.

Walmart Inc. SETTLED the suit this week.

That is interesting to most observers around the country. A settled case often appears to be a case that the large corporation doesn't believe they have a good chance at winning.

It could also be other factors, of course, like Walmart not wanting this story to get a ton of publicity.

There seems to be backlash, not really talked about, by many during the "woke" movement of these last few years.

Why does any of it have to be so over the top in one direction?

NO one race has it great from start to finish. The same is true in regard to races having it always tilted against them from start to finish.

It's called cognitive dissonance. Have you been profiled in your workplace?

If so, it's wrong.

It doesn't mean that everyone from another race is the devil.

Of course, awful things have existed in the USA in the name of race. That is more than undeniably true.

Wrong is wrong. It doen't matter what color it is.

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