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After the most successful basketball season in years, the Crimson Tide’s NCAA Tournament run was cut short due to a devastating loss to UCLA in the Sweet 16, a feat that hasn’t been done since 2004.

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If you did not watch the game, Alex Reese made a game changing shot to take the two teams into overtime with a trip to the Elite Eight on the line. Alabama has a lot to look forward to with the basketball team in the future. While losing to UCLA was not ideal, at least we are not the Auburn Tigers.

NCAA Photos via Getty Images
NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Auburn of course had to celebrate the Tide’s loss by rolling their beloved Toomer’s oak trees. After Alabama lost the game against the Bruins, photos of Toomer’s Corner surfaced on social media. Many Auburn fans are claiming that the trees were rolled to celebrate the equestrian team winning the SEC championship. While this may be true many Tide fans believe the trees were rolled due to the loss. 

Auburn has claimed that they are a “basketball school” after making it to the final four in 2019- the school’s only trip. While Auburn has been successful with basketball the past few years, Alabama still swept Auburn in 2020 and overall had a much more successful season.

Getty Images
Getty Images

While we are on the topic of Auburn, its bass fishing team was recently suspended. According to Auburn’s bass fishing team violated the COVID-19 travel and event policy. Due to these violations Auburn was originally suspended until 2022. According to the team will now be allowed to resume their season starting April 22 2021.

Below are the scores of Alabama vs. Auburn match-ups over the past year:

Men’s basketball: Bama 94-90, Bama 70-58

Womens basketball: Bama 67-55, Bama 92-78

Softball: Bama 6-0, Bama 4-1, Bama 4-2 

Football: Bama 42-13

Soccer: Bama 1-0, Auburn 1-2

With these games the Tide has a winning record over the Tigers of 9-1.

Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics


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