A Florida woman, (why do all the crazy people live in Florida?), was charged with aggravated assault after officials say she broke wind in line at a Dollar General, and then pulled a knife on a man who complained about the sound and the stench!

 Apparently, the fart wasn't SILENT, but it was definitely quite DEADLY!

Broward Sheriff’s Office officials and witnesses say that 37-year-old Shanetta Yvette Wilson was allegedly floating "Air Biscuits" while waiting in line, and upsetting  a nearby male customer. Police reports reveal that the offended man and Wilson got into an argument, after the man complained about her "Booty Bombs". Wilson then pulled a knife from her purse, and threatened to "gut" him.

"GUT" him? Sounds to me like she already "BUTT" him!

The man called 911 after fearing for his safety, and Wilson was found a short time later and arrested a few blocks away from the store.

K9 units were not used in the apprehension of Walker because they weren't really needed. 

For more on this story read HERE

Wow! Pulling a KNIFE on someone because they don't like the smell of your farts?  I've head of "CUTTING THE CHEESE" but this is ridiculous!






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