The Holiday Season is practically here. It's a time for us to celebrate with one another, and spread joy, fellowship and good cheer!

Well, apparently a couple of women did not get the memo, as a fight broke out last week in the parking lot of the Wendy's Restaurant by Lowe's in Tuscaloosa.

The video shows the two women yelling at each other, while one of the women grabs the other woman's head, and starts bashing it into the hood of her car, ala WWE style!

The fight then simmers down for a moment. However, tempers start to flare up once again, as the woman who was having her head bashed into the hood of the car, reaches into the car, and throws something out of it, much to the chagrin of the woman who owns the car! The owner then gets out of her car, approaches the other woman, and the women begin to tussle again!

Then, the fight escalates to a new LEVEL as the one woman starts to KICK the other woman's vehicle! This causes the owner of the car to get totally beyond LIVID, as she backs up her car, aims it directly at the other woman, and proceeds to RUN HER DOWN!!!

Anyway, the whole thing was recorded, and you can watch it below.

Happy Holidays!!!



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