I'm not a huge car aficionado, but I can appreciate a Ferrari.

However one woman in China may have not been ready to handle such a car. The story from Viral Thread details the day of the incident. On a rainy day in Wendling, China, a lucky lady got to realize her dream of driving a Ferrari. She rented the car and then set out from the dealership.

Unfortunately the dream became a nightmare, as she lost control of the car and crashed the vehicle into another driver. Luckily, no one was hurt, but she might've unintentionally caused the accident by turning off the vehicle's traction control. With the pavement being wet, she might've lost control of the car. The wallet is also hit, as the damage is alleged to be up to 230,000 dollars!

I feel bad for the woman, and I certainly hope this doesn't mess up her finances.

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