Did you ever look back at a 3 day weekend and wish it was every weekend?  By Wednesday are you already struggling to make it through to Friday?  What if you could work 4 days each week instead of 5, and get paid the same?

A company in New Zealand spent 2 months this spring experimenting with a 4 day work week, and the results were so positive the company wants to make the change permanent.

According to Science Alert, Perpetual Guardian in Auckland had their employees work 4 days weeks in April and May to see how the move impacted business.  The results?  Predictably staff stress levels went down from 45 percent to 38 percent, while work-life balance improved from 54 percent to 78 percent.  Meanwhile the company saw no reduction in job performance, in fact they actually saw an increase across most teams.  They actually saw significant increases in engagement levels across areas such as leadership, commitment, stimulation, and empowerment.

Would you be more productive with a shorter work week?  Do you think your boss would go for it?

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