Would You Try Hot Dog Rice Crispy Treats? They're Real

The things you come across on the internet are outrageous. Yes! Hot Dog Rice Crispy Treats are a real thing.

I'm sure quarantine has everyone doing things they wouldn't normally do. I can understand maybe working out a little more, or even eating out a little more. Crazy food combinations are something that I can't understand. Someone somewhere created something that I doubt anyone expected. Hot Dog Rice Crispy Treats.

My first thought is "WHY?" Why would anyone want to put those two things together and eat it? I spotted this odd combination on a website called Vulgar Chef. It consists of a rice crispy treat with cut-up hot dogs mixed inside of them. As if that's not strange enough, there is relish, ketchup, and mustard added on top. I really can't imagine any scenario where I'd be ok with eating this. Strangely enough, I'd be ok watching someone try it. It would almost be like reality TV to see if they could take it or not. I wouldn't expect them to enjoy it at all though. Marshmallows with ketchup? No way!

My question is, would you try it? Could you tolerate marshmallow, cereal, hot dogs, mustard, ketchup, and relish in one bite? Aside from the taste, those textures would be insanely odd! If you're strong enough to watch this, you can check out the video of this weird creation being made. Click here to watch the video on the Vulgar Chef's site. 

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