YMCA Of Tuscaloosa Releases Statement On Benjamin Barnes Branch 

Within the last week, the Tuscaloosa community has raised concerns about the conditions of the Benjamin Barnes Branch YMCA facility. YMCA of Tuscaloosa has heard these concerns and they've addressed the concerns in detail in a recent statement.


Community members stated that the Benjamin Barnes Branch YMCA had missing windows, no air conditioning, a leaking roof, and other issues. It was also stated that summer camps were still in session while these issues were present. The community even started a petition to help correct the stated issues at the Benjamin Barnes YMCA. The YMCA of Tuscaloosa has responded to community members regarding facility concerns. On their Facebook page, The YMCA of Tuscaloosa County posted a statement saying " The safety and wellbeing of our children is our number one priority." They went on to address the air conditioning issues and stated that the majority of the building was not affected by the HVAC outage. Within the statement, the YMCA of Tuscaloosa County also spoke about plans for a new Benjamin Barnes YMCA. Read the full statement from their Facebook page below.



I'm happy to hear that kids are not being put in danger with the summer camps still in session. I'm sure no parent wants to send their kids to a summer camp in a building that is unsafe for their kids. Thank you to the YMCA of Tuscaloosa for their quick response to the Tuscaloosa community and their willingness to openly address facility issues. To me, this shows that they truly do care about the wellbeing of the children and the community they're serving.


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