It's National Compliment Day so it's the perfect day to give someone an extra compliment and brighten their day or to give them credit for a job well done

A compliment has a powerful effect. It can instill confidence in a child, or validate someone’s hard work. A compliment not only improves the receiver’s mood, but it also says something about the giver. It tells them you noticed. Whether we recognize someone’s achievement or their classic style, a compliment can go a long way.

Did you know?

-81% of women say a compliment from another woman means more to them than a compliment from a man
-88% of men say the #1 compliment they would most like to receive is "You're so funny."
-93% of women say the #1 compliment they would most like to receive is "You have a great smile."
-20% of women don't remember the last time they got a compliment

National Day Calendar says to give a great compliment, first be sincere. People have a way of knowing when we are fake. If you don’t mean it, it’s worse than getting a thoughtless birthday gift.  Human beings like to be unique, original so strive to compliment what makes a person stand out above the rest.

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