You could literally live the rest of your days surrounded by stills from security camera footage and you'd still never see a single photo that is better than the one below.

Tuscaloosa Police Department
Tuscaloosa Police Department

The image above was shared by the Tuscaloosa Police Department last week in hopes of obtaining more information about alleged shoplifting at the ABC store on Highway 69 S on January 18th. I cannot, for the life of me, get over it. There are so many things at play here:

  1. The suspect was caught displaying the bottle of booze like one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right
  2. The suspect is wearing Carhartt coveralls with one strap undone, reminiscent of an early 90's music video
  3. The suspect appears to be making direct eye contact with the security camera
  4. This could literally be someone's profile pic if PrisonTinder were a thing

Shoplifting is a serious crime and I hope the person or persons responsible are caught and brought to justice... but also: this is just a hysterical photo. I cannot stop laughing at it. Please do the same, and if you have any information on the case, contact Crime Stoppers at 205-752-7867.

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