Consider Adopting Nala From The HSWA
Do you remember your favorite childhood pet? I remember my first one was an adopted dog named blue and he had blue eyes! I loved how friendly he was and was shocked no one else adopted him. You have the chance to provide that same joy for your kids or even for yourself. Every week, we team up with o…
More Must Have Items For New Parents
I'm now almost 4 months into this fatherhood journey and it's definitely been a wild one so far. Sleepless nights, plenty of coffee, baby smiles, researching issues, and solutions to baby issues have all lead to my appreciation of bringing new life into the world.
SEC Votes For Athletes to Return
Two days after the NCAA announced it was clearing football and men's and women's basketball athletes to return to college campuses on June 1, the SEC announced that voluntary in-person activities may resume on June 8. SEC schools may bring back football and basketball athletes to campus fo…

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