If I close my eyes, I can see supper set on the table. There's homemade fried chicken, fresh cut cucumbers, maybe some okra, too. My sister and I are sitting around the table at my MawMaw's house and have just come in from playing outside, the muggy summer heat still clinging to out foreheads.

MawMaw is spoiling us--even though we've just started elementary school, she's letting us have a glass of tea, a treat because this drink is usually reserved for the adults. The tea is somehow both bitter and sweet, a dark liquid that seems beautifully brown inside of the amber glasses she's allowed us to use.

Is it strange that after all these years I can still see those glasses? That the thought of some inanimate object could fill me with so many memories?

I'll always have a soft spot for the Fostoria Glass Company's 'American' glasses. There were several knockoffs produced, and I am almost certain the glasses my late MawMaw owned were from the Whitehall Glass Company's Whitehall line.


MawMaw's glasses were amber like the ones above. I think everyone's grandparents must have had these glasses, right?

Maybe they were green or blue. Maybe your Nana had the clear ones.

This glass pattern was ubiquitous in the South. It was a bit more refined than other  Depression glass offerings and was sold at department or jewelry stores across the southeast.

Did your family have these glasses? What do you remember about them? Hit me up using our app chat below.

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