I believe I have lived long enough in Alabama to be considered an Alabamian. I grew up in Florida but left in 1993. I’ve lived in other states but I’m nearing 18 years in Alabama. I’ve seen Tuscaloosa and West Alabama grow by leaps and bounds. I even remember the years that the Crimson Tide wasn’t winning any games.

Truth be told ...

I think we can stand to grow some more.

The South in general is full of charm. In Alabama, most often you will find a welcoming smile and southern hospitality. I think we can all agree that our food is delicious from every corner of the state. There is history, culture, a thriving music scene, and so much more.

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I already feel you rolling your eyes at me. Hear me out on the potential growth opportunities.

If I was the Queen of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, there are some additions and changes I would make to help improve life in our beloved city.

See look > I'm already practicing with my crown and all! LOL

If you were the King or Queen of Tuscaloosa, what would change or add? Shoot me an email at maryk@townsquaremedia.com or send me a message on our free app.

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