The Big Question is, Are they closing the Applebee's here in Tuscaloosa?

I'm a big fan of Applebee's, I may go once a week for the Chicken Wong ton Tacos! To hear that there is a possibility that it maybe closing is not something I wanted to hear!

AL.COM is reporting that up to 80 Applebee's will be closing this year, nationwide!

No one knows the fate of the Applebee's here in Tuscaloosa yet, including the Owners, Dine Brands Global, who also operates IHOP, which also had a 2 percent drop last year. With sales going down 5.3 percent last year, Dine Brands Global stated the closures would "be based on several criteria, including meeting our brand and image standards as well as operational results."

So the locations that will be closing are not know as of right now.

If you're like me and don't want your area Applebee's to close, go visit one today!

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