Now this is an interesting new rule in Italy.

Recently, according to Travel and Leisure, Florence, Italy approved a new ordinance that says you can't eat between 12 - 3 PM and 6 - 10 PM in the city. But what caused this? Well, the obvious of course. Too many tourists loitering!

Well, that's part of it. But mainly it's to cut down people eating on the sidewalks and blocking it. With some of the most popular restaurants there not having enough seating for every customer, patrons sometimes have to eat outside on the sidewalk. This makes maneuvering the streets of Florence difficult. This ordinance however, can be rescinded if it is proven to do harm than good. They will look at it's effectiveness on January 6th of next year to see the results.

That makes me wonder, can we put a new ordinance in Tuscaloosa? Everyone has to use a blinker. All the time!

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