Louie’s “Moment of Awwww”....I was driving home from the radio station last night in my neighborhood. Then, as I was getting closer to my home, I saw that this little baby was lost and looking for her Mama.

I immediately stopped The Linguinimobile, got out of my vehicle, and took a closer look. I couldn't help it....she was BEAUTIFUL!  And admittedly, I was FAWNING all over her! :-)  As I walked up to her, I was careful NOT to touch her. I've heard that if you touch a Baby Deer, that the Mama Deer won't have anything to do with her. (I always thought that was an old wives tale, but a co-worker who knows a lot more about Deer than I do, said that it was actually TRUE). So, I did the right thing by not petting her, because I have a feeling that her Mama was nearby watching us.

However, even though I didn't pet her, she walked right past me, and started nudging up against my car! Maybe my Camry resembles a Fully Grown Deer? I don’t know. But she was GORGEOUS, and I was happy to have made a new friend.

Then, she turned around and gave me one last look as if to say, "Goodbye", and took off into the woods. She truly made my day.

I just hope she was able to find her Mama.

Picture Courtesy Louie Linguini
Picture Courtesy Louie Linguini

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