ACT Auditions For ‘Last of the Red Hot Lovers’

I have been very impressed by the music, arts, and culture scene in Tuscaloosa.  I love the arts; it is a passion of mine.  I ran across the Actor’s Charitable Theatre and found out that their mission is to “create a community theatre that allows people of all ages and experience to be involved in high quality theatrical productions and to use theatre as a means of giving back to various other organizations.”  I can’t wait to check out all that the Actor’s Charitable Theatre has to offer.

I had dabbled with some acting on a local level when I lived in Birmingham and had so much fun.  I was in a few productions and movies that were involved with the Sidewalk Festival.  So, when I found this audition notice on Facebook for the ACT and Neil Simons’s – Last of the Red Hot Lovers, I felt like I needed to pass it on.

Auditions are March 2nd and 3rd and here are the details from the Facebook Event Page.  “CAST- BARNEY CASHMAN: middle-aged, wants to join the sexual revolution before it is too late.  ELAINE NAVAZIO: late thirties, likes cigarettes, whiskey, and other people's husbands.  BOBBI MICHELE: 27-year-old actress.  JEANNETTE FISHER: Barney's wife's best friend.  SYNOPSIS-Barney Cashman is forty-seven, happily married, the father of three children, a successful businessman, and a man going through a midlife crisis. Barney has come to the realization that his whole life can be summed up in one word: nice. And Barney has realized that “nice” simply isn’t enough. He wants to experience his secret fantasies and dreams at least once, and so Barney determines to have an affair. He tries not just once, but three times, with three different women, and each time, something prevents the affair from happening. In the end, Barney returns to the familiar and invites his wife up to the apartment where he has been rendezvousing with the other women. Neil Simon’s Last of the Red Hot Lovers examines what it means to grow older, and asks the question, “What do you do when it seems as if your life hasn’t been fully lived?”  WHAT TO PREPARE- Please prepare a one to two-minute monologue in the style of the show. No monologues from the show please. Be prepared to read from the script.  PERFORMANCES- Friday, April 24, Saturday, April 25 (2 performance day), Sunday, April 26 and Monday, April 27.”

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