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Well since the gators in our river system didn't scare us enough, Now we have a guy who is convinced he caught a piranha in the river.

Cornelius Richardson shared A couple of videos of what he believed to be a piranha. The first video isn't as telling as the next. WARNING MR. RICHARDSON WAS VERY EXCITED AND USED SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.

We published a story earlier in the year thinking Jon Rex Spruill had also caught a piranha.

Jon Rex Spruill was as surprised as he could be when he reeled in his line and discovered an odd fish of some kind on the other end.  At first glance, it appeared Jon had caught a piranha in Lake Tuscaloosa.

attachment-fish 1

Jon says he was fishing in Lake Tuscaloosa and put a piece of bacon on his hook.  Suddenly Jon’s bobber disappears and Jon reels in his catch.

It looked like a piranha to Jon.

attachment-fish 3
Jon Rex Spruill

When Cornelius Richardson pulled up his fish he thought the same thing. Thankfully he was able to show us the mouth of his fish.

If you notice in this second video Mr. Richardson posted, the fish he caught had sharp jagged teeth unlike the fish caught in Lake Tuscaloosa. WARNING MR. RICHARDSON WAS VERY EXCITED AND USED SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.

Many folks have sounded off about the mystery fish. Many responses said the fish is a pacu.

The pacu eats fruit and nuts. It appears the pacu is also fond of bacon and shrimp.

Russell Andrews said he fed his pacu bloody worms. That does not sound too appetizing, but I’m not a pacu.

Clay Keith said, “no wonder we never catch any fish, piranha’s are eating all the good ones. Haha”.

Cornelius Richardson facebook video snapshot 1
Cornelius Richardson facebook video snapshot 1

KJ James says that is definitely a pacu fish and there are plenty of them in Lake Tuscaloosa.

The pacu reportedly grows big and becomes pretty. So how does the pacu get in Lake Tuscaloosa? Many people say they come from someone's fish tank. And they will eat anything, including snakes.

TJ Neal says the pacu is good eating. I will take TJ’s word for it.

Caitlin says she worked in a pet store and they sold them.
She looked at the pictures and video we've shared here and says 100% Pacu.

attachment-fish 2

 What we didn't know is these fish are notorious for attacking men's private area. In some cases known to just rip the jewels completely off. These fish originated from Brazil. There are thousands of cases in which these fish have attacked the crown jewels.

So the mystery remains as to whether or not there is piranha in Lake Tuscaloosa, but it appears we have confirmed there is plenty of pacu fish for catching.

It's not safe anywhere!

I guess I'll be wearing protection my next lake day!

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