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Is anyone missing a kangaroo?

Earlier today Bigham Farms & Exotics posted to Facebook

Bigham Farms Facebook
Bigham Farms Facebook
"We’ve gotten messages about a kangaroo being loose up highway 171. It is not ours but if anyone knows who he belongs to let them know."
So if it's your kangaroo, or you know anyone missing a kangaroo, let Bigham farms and exotics know.
I had no idea that we had so many kangaroos in Alabama.
I only say so many because they keep getting loose.

Recently Dre Day posted about an escaped kangaroo in Cullman Alabama.

"Jackie Leggs, a kangaroo residing in Cullman has escaped. According to a Facebook post from Cullman Daily, Leggs went missing earlier today but was spotted last night.

A late-night photo was taken of Leggs on a County Road near Simmons Grocery in West Point.

According to Cullman Daily's Facebook post, Leggs went missing earlier this year and was brought back home thanks to a special combination of snacks.

Sources say that kangaroos that are used t being fed can approach people and expect food. In Jackie's case, that's cheese puffs.

In order to deter kangaroos from your lawns and gardens, the Department of Environment and Science recommends:

  • appropriately fence their property to exclude these animals (note: some residential areas have covenants in place to retain wildlife corridors and fencing may not be permitted)
  • limit the animals’ access to water on the property
  • regularly mow lawns to reduce grass cover
  • increase the coverage of other vegetation to reduce lawn size and grazing comfort
  • use deterrent products like sonic deterrents or blood and bone fertilizer
  • use motion activated security lights which may deter night time grazing."


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