As a new father of 2 children under the age of two, I'm starting to learn more and have new conversations when it comes to children.

Although I won't be doing it any time soon, I recently began to wonder, what age can I leave my kids at home alone?

If I’m being honest, I’ve had multiple instances at home where I say “I can’t wait until my kids can do this.” Whenever I say that the “this” I’m referring to could be a multitude of things.

I’ve for sure said “I can’t wait until she knows how to burp on her own,” a few times with my youngest daughter. With my son, I’ve said “I can’t wait until you can walk,” plenty of times and now I regret rushing that one. Lol!

If you’re considering leaving your child home alone in Alabama, there are a few things you should first know. Is there a legal age limit? How do you even know if they’re ready to be left alone?

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Legally, there is no minimum age on leaving your child home alone in Alabama according to iMom.

Honestly, I think knowing that there is no minimum age makes it tougher for parents to decide if it’s time to leave the kids home alone or not. It’s easy to find yourself in a weird space when your child is 9-12 or even 13 years old. Do I leave them home alone? Are they ready?

I’ve found some tips from iMom to help you out.

  • Does your child consistently follow house (safety) rules?
  • Are they scared to be left home alone?
  • Will they have to care for other siblings as well or just themselves?
  • Is there a backup plan in place in case of emergencies?
  • How do they handle periods of brief supervision?


For more tips and information, visit iMom.

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