Talk about a huge mistake!

It was a regular day in Houston, and an ATM for Bank for America was suddenly was the focal point of everyone's attention. A man went to the ATM nab some cash. He went up, and simply wanted 20 dollars. Instead, the ATM gave him a 100 dollar bill! A shock that he didn't expect. Instead of alerting somebody to the problem, he did what most of us probably would do when a silly situation. He posted on social media!

Obviously the post brought a ton of attention to this certain ATM. KPRC-TV reports that people flocked to the machine to take advantage of this blunder. Fights even took place over trying to get to the machine first! Eventually however, police caught wind of the problem and arrived to break up the fiasco. After Bank of America investigated, it turns out a vendor put in the wrong bills. Instead of 10 dollar bills, he accidentally placed 100 dollar bills in.

However for the lucky ones who were able to get the hundreds before the mistake was realized, they will get to keep the money! Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

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