Oh, we all know how stressful picking a name for a baby can be.

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What do you do?

Do you go with a name that keeps the family heritage going?


Or your favorite character name from a Netflix show? Don't roll your eyes, it happens.

What about the mean kids that will terrorize your son or daughter if the name is strange or sounds funny?

You also want your child's name, if possible, to be unique.


However, did you know there are names that you simply are not allowed to use.

Get ready, here we go:

Hitler Addressing
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Why? Who'd WANT to do this to their innocent unborn child?

Hitler, is banned, but Adolf is ok.

I think I would stay would stay away from both.

Christ The Redeemer
Getty Images
Stations Of The Cross" Re-Enacted Across Sydney For World Youth Day 08
Getty Images


As a believer myself, I find it hard to understand why you'd go down this road.

In addition, MESSIAH, is also a no-no.

West Ham United v Southampton - Premier League
Getty Images


NO NO NO! It doesn't matter how much you love Christmas, you are not allowed to name a child, Santa Claus.

Lastly, you can NOT use the @ symbol to name a baby.



You can't use the "at" symbol.

Why would you? Only an idiot would do that. Right?


SO, if you are expecting in the near future we offer more info for the naming of your baby.

Here is ALL that you need to know about the names you can't use in the USA, as well as around the world.

For example, SEX FRUIT, is banned in New Zealand.

DANG IT! I was set on naming my next child this!

People can be nuts. Here's some more fun stuff on the art of BABY NAMING!

Crazy baby name laws

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