Many folks know me as the guy on the radio. However, what some folks may not know is that when I'm not on the radio, I'm usually indulging in my OTHER passion...... Guitar Playing. Whenever I'm not at work, you can usually find a guitar in my hands....even sometimes when I AM at work, you'll see me noodling away on one of my Axes.

As I've mentioned before, many Radio Personalities take pride in being "Music Curators". They expose listeners to new music, or play older songs from their favorite artists while passing along tidbits of information about the music they play for their listeners. They "Talk The Talk". However, fewer Radio Personalities actually dabble in MAKING music. And as a Musician myself, I feel that I "Walk The Walk" . I believe that being a Musician helps me gain an additional perspective on the music that I'm playing on the air, because it helps me connect to the SONGS deeper, which hopefully helps me relate to my listeners better. As a matter of fact, many of the songs that we play on Nick 97.5 ARE tunes that I've played in my cover bands over the years, and songs that bring back many fun and fond memories for me.

As I guitarist, there are many guitarists that I've learned from and admire. One of those guitar players is the great Carlos Santana. He truly has a unique voice on the instrument. One note and you know it's HIM right away.
Here is an in-studio performance of yours truly, jamming along to a Santana-Style Backing Track. I titled it "Smootie" so I wouldn't get Carlos' legal team after me:-) In any event I hope you enjoy it!
Rock On! & Yeah Baby!

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