Getting married to the one you love is the highlight of anyone's life. From the proposal the planning of the ceremony, a lot of stress can occur. But perhaps the most stressful of all is the ceremony itself. There is a lot that possibly could go wrong, and you have only one shot to make the couple's special day absolutely perfect. Well, this is one of those cases where something went wrong, but it happened before the ceremony even started!

USA Today reports that in Marana, Arizona, future bride Amber Young was driving to her wedding, when she unfortunately caused a three car accident. One person had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for minor issues, but otherwise, everyone was thankfully okay.

However when the police arrived, they noticed something wasn't right with Mrs. Young, and suspected she might have been driving impaired. She was then hand-cuffed (and yes she was wearing her wedding dress too!) and taken to the police station. Young took a blood test, and after the results of the test, was given a citation for DUI. However the most unfortunate part of this story is that no one knows if Mrs. Young made it to her ceremony on time!

So in closing, remember to be responsible before, during, and after your wedding day!

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