Renowned record business mogul Clive Davis is looking to lighten his real estate portfolio by selling an apartment he owns at the Ritz Tower in midtown Manhattan — and he just brought the price down to try and help speed things.

The New York Post reports that Davis has actually dropped his asking price on the property twice since listing it for $7.8 million last March. He brought it down to $6.995 million in July, but he still hasn't found the right buyer, and now he's bringing the price down again to $6.49 million.

In addition to the apartment's more buyer-friendly new price, the Post reports that Davis has tossed in a year of maintenance fees — an enticement that may not sound like much, but amounts to $11,681 per month. Davis has owned the property since 2015, when he purchased it as two adjoining units which he later joined, and comes with amenities like a custom staircase and hidden wet bar.

One of the few record execs who's a household name in his own right, Davis has steered multi-platinum careers for decades, discovering, signing and/or advising a lengthy list of artists that runs the gamut from pop stars such as Whitney Houston and Barry Manilow to rock acts like Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen and Chicago. More recently, Davis was instrumental in Santana's late '90s resurgence, orchestrating the all-star guest-artist approach to the wildly popular Supernatural LP.

Whenever Davis' Ritz Tower unit sells, the 85-year-old won't be moving — this apartment is just one of several he owns in the building, and he's still living in the penthouse he purchased there 30 years ago.

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