Dear Mother,

You were right.

I remember one day when I was being sassy to you. You said, “one day you will miss your mother.”

You were right. I think of you every day.

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There are so many things I wish I could say to you right now. So much has happened since you passed in 2016 because of the cruel world of dementia. But, I take such great pride in knowing we spent your last years having fun, enjoying life, and loving on one another.

You were right. Quality of time is more important than quantity of time.

I had a hard time with the decision I made to have you live at an assisted living full time. I know now that it was the best choice because you were able to do all the things that you loved to do.

You were right. Decisions are hard when it comes to loved ones.

You enjoyed your art projects, museum visits, old fashion ice cream parlor field trips, bingo games, and so much more. Sundays were my favorite time because we would spend the day together doing our nails, watching football, and chick flick movies.

You were right. A lady should always have a nice manicure. We always disagreed on bright colors. Also, cheating in bingo is perfectly fine.

As I journey through the rest of my life without you. I will always remember your words of wisdom.

I’ve had my share of love. Some relationships were successful and some were toxic.

You were right. All you CAN do is love with all your heart.

“Mary, always wear sunscreen. God made you pasty white.”

[Rolls eyes] but … You were right.

When I would fail personally and professionally I would remember you would tell me to “enjoy your failures.”

You were right. Those failures taught me valuable lessons which helped me get to my winning seasons.

Always carry lipstick with you, everywhere.

You were right. Of course, you must have a selection of reds and pinks. I paid attention.

Be sure to have a snack in your purse. You never know when you will be stuck.

You were right. This has saved me so many times.

I learned from you to “never pay full price for a car or at a yard sale.”

You were right. “Negotiation is your best friend.”

You always encouraged me to “be smart about MY money.” You took me to open up my checking and savings account when I was little.

You were right.. “Saving is an important tool for life.”

Some other words of wisdom I’m still trying to figure out:

Don’t date a man who owns a snake.

Keep scissors in your car.

Don’t marry a man who can’t buy you a ring bigger than what you can buy yourself.

Mom, I’ll keep you posted if I figure those out.

Most importantly, I learned from you to love myself no matter what.

Also, you said to “laugh as much as you can because you are going to get wrinkles anyway.”

You were right.


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