Are you like me and just can't find the Mexican Pizza at your local Taco Bell? If you remember in May I wrote about the return of the beloved Mexican Pizza.

The excitement was heard and felt by the nation as cheers erupted at the return of the menu favorite. People blew up all social media formats tagging Taco Bell. The public was happy, very happy.

Now we are back to tears. This is not fair Taco Bell!

I have a few choice words to say but the main one is “how”?

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Ingredient shortage.

The issue is supply and demand. The return has caused a shortage of the ingredients needed to make the fan-favorite. The chain has stated that the demand for the Mexican Pizza was seven-times greater than they imagined... well duh!

I am not sure what ingredients they are short on?

You would think that the items used for the Mexican Pizza are the same ones used to make their tacos, chalupas, or crunch wraps. So is this a ploy to make us suffer? Can the Taco Bell God’s be doing this because the demand was so high that the employees are suffering?

I don't know and conspiracy theories are running through my head. Can you tell I need and miss my favorite dish at Taco Bell?

Nothing is more upsetting than pulling into the drive-thru and the voice over the intercom, distorted as it might be, says 'sorry we are out of Mexican Pizzas.' Seriously disappointing. The craving is real, as we can tell by the shortage.

Per the Taco Bell website, the shortages are sporadic. So it's a hit-or-miss chance that you will be able to order the Mexican Pizza at your local drive-thru.

There is a pot of gold over the rainbow! Taco Bell has released a statement saying that once the supply chain has caught up with the demand, the fan-favorite menu item is here to stay…forever.

I hope they never remove it, they can change their minds. I really do not want my kitchen to become a science experiment as I attempt to make a copycat recipe of a Mexican Pizza.

Don't make me do it Taco Bell, I beg of thee!

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