The Happiest place on earth ran into a bit of trouble this weekend.

The New York Post reports that as part of the multiple events that go on during a normal day of operations at Disney World, a parade was ongoing. The parade, known a Suddenly, a mechanical dragon that was part of the festivities, went ablaze. While the blaze was relatively small and nobody was harmed, park visitors actually thought it was part of the show! There are even videos of the dragon on fire.

Since I've never seen the parade, part of me wonders if the dragon was actually supposed to breathe fire. That would be kind of neat wouldn't it?  The funniest part of this whole story however is that dragon itself is pet of the character of Maleficent, the antagonist in Sleeping Beauty.

In retrospect, I suppose antagonist's pet catching fire is a sign that even evil pets can get in trouble too!

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