Tuesday evening, the University of Alabama held its annual Get On Board Day introducing students to campus organizations.

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According to the UA Division of Student Life, Get On Board Day is a major tradition of campus involvement held at The University of Alabama each fall and spring. GOBD serves as a springboard for any student who wishes to get more actively engaged with campus by connecting our students to hundreds of organizations, community vendors, and departments housed on the UA campus.

Dozens of campus organizations filled the quad as Denny Chimes set the perfect backdrop for the organization fair.

Campus sororities, fraternities, departments on campus and special interests groups all set up on the quad and introduced themselves to students on campus.

Arianna Pride, a Sophomore from Tallahassee speaks on her experience representing an organization she recently joined called The College Xperience.

"It was fun, honestly. Meeting a lot of people and talking to freshmen and giving them advice, you know?"


A representative of the sorority Sigma Delta Tau spoke on their experience at this semester's Get On Board Day and what their sorority is about.

"Our motto is empowered women empower women and we are very focused on diversity, inclusion, sisterhood, and individuality here. Because we're smaller, we kind of are able to focus on that."

DreDay, Townsquare Media
DreDay, Townsquare Media

Madison Hoffman, a Sophomore from Chicago further explained the point of the College Xperience.

"We're a group that gets together every Wednesday at 7 pm at Lloyd Hall in room 38, and we just create a nice safe space."

The weekly meetings are held by the College Xperience under The Croom Foundation.

"I have a lot of new friends and mentors, just to look up to if I need advice, or just want to know about internships and stuff like that. It's helped me get out of my shell."

DreDay, Townsquare Media
DreDay, Townsquare Media

Check out more pictures below from the Fall 2022 Get On Board Day.

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