As a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, I realize how blessed I am.

Sometimes we take our incredibly fortunate situation for granted.

I'm talkin about having the GOAT on our sideline every week in the fall.

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Alabama v Duke
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On his radio show, Hey Coach, every Thursday night on 95.3 The Bear and Tide 100.9, he gives us plenty of insight on how the season is going (and will go in the future).

On a recent episode, I listened to every word due to the rare mood he seemed to be in.  I was struck by the way he talked about respect for winning.

The crowd applauded after Coach Saban spoke of winning so much that you no longer respect it.

He went on to say that it's not just fans, but players too, get so used to winning they no longer work as hard to prepare for games.

I have noticed that you can get a pretty good preview of how our Tide will perform on the field based on the mood of Coach Saban.

The Texas A&M game came to his mind, while giving examples, and he felt they didn't prepare the right way going into the game.

Mercer v Alabama
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Come on, Alabama had won 19 games in a row up to that game. He mentioned how uneasy he felt going into College Station that Saturday night due to the way practice had gone all week.

The highlight, however, was the story about coaching legend Bill Belichick.

Coach Saban worked on the Cleveland Browns staff and he revealed this nugget, for the first time on Thursday night.

Here's the story told by Coach Saban below.

Considering the friendship that the two greatest college and pro coaches of all-time share, I don't think anyone will be "killed".

I love these times, as a fan, when we get a peek behind the curtain at the mindset of our Coach, the one and only, Nick Saban.

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