We talked about it this morning on 95.3 The Bear.

Everyone is split.

What do you see?

Is this the evidence that will put Brian Laundrie away forever, or nothing at all?

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Most know Laundrie for being the "missing" boyfriend of the late Gabby Petito. The couple traveled the country in their van, creating content as influencers.

Petito went missing in September and was shortly found dead in Wyoming. Laundrie is still nowhere to be found.

So, what's this video about?

It all started with the internet sleuth and detectives getting involved. Believe it or not, internet detectives have helped police solve crimes.

Stats show most of the viewers on networks like Investigation Discovery are women ... and me.

Take a look at these photos, and what do you see?

@bthornill32 via TikTok
@bthornill32 via TikTok

These were taken from a video on TikTok.

They were posted by a couple that drove by the van that Gabby and Brian had been living in over the summer. The couple participates in #vanlife, which is a popular group or movement online. As in packing up everything you own and living in a van while traveling the country.

This van was photographed and videoed on Aug. 28 by a couple who thought it was parked in an odd spot. The video has been slowed down frame by frame, and that’s where this mystery gets interesting.

Check out the TikTok here:

@bthornhill32Side view of the van… ##whereisbrianlaundrie ##brianlaundrie ##gabbypetito ##findbrianlaundrie ##soicalmedia investigators

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Many people told us that they clearly see a blonde female in the front passenger seat. Some believe it's Gabby herself. Others say they don’t see a female; they see a man who might be Brian Laundrie. Look closely and tell us what you think.

Look closer:

@bthornill32 via TikTok
@bthornill32 via TikTok

Spoiler alert!

I definitely see a face in the front of the van.

I don’t know if that face is in the driver's seat or the passenger seat. It’s worth checking out, and we’re told these photos have been sent to the proper authorities.

This morning on 95.3 The Bear's Steve & DC Morning Show, the listeners were positively split. Some see a woman, some see a man, and others think we're full of crap.

Amazingly, one person can see one thing SO CLEARLY, yet another, looking at the same image, sees an entirely different thing.

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What do you think? Is there a face in the window of the van? If so, whose is it? Let us know your thoughts in our free mobile app.

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