The Walking Dead can’t seem to shake its troubles, so might Fear take over as the fan-favorite? The fourth season’s quasi-reboot is looking pretty strong in new footage, as Morgan jumps ship to the newer series and Madison ups her game a few levels.

Slowly, but surely, Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 has been building toward a formal trailer with a variety of teasers reintroducing us to the cast. There’s Lennie James’ migrating Morgan up top (still believed to be in the present timeline), and a significantly more sick-of-your-crap Madison (Kim Dickens) below; no longer willing to make concessions in territory. The new season will premiere on Sunday, April 15 (right after The Walking Dead finale), and is said to “experiment with time”:

And yet a third teaser from IGN, featuring LOST alum Maggie Grace:

Lennie James isn’t the only notable addition to Fear The Walking Dead’s fourth season, as both Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman have signed on in mysterious roles. Once Upon a Time alum Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg will also step in as showrunners for the fourth season, alongside departing Walking Dead boss Scott Gimple as executive producer.

Stay tuned for further looks at Fear’s fourth season, premiering April 15.

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