With just two weeks remaining until Bacon Brew & Que returns to Tuscaloosa, now is the time to buy your VIP tickets if you want full access to the event.

At last check, there were fewer than 100 remaining. Once those are sold, VIP access will be closed for 2018 and only general admission tickets will remain. That'll still get you samples of bacon and beer on August 25, but you'll miss out on the first hour.

Still need more motivation to purchase? Let's give you three more reasons to buy your VIP tickets today.

  1. Prices will go up again on August 15 (if tickets are still available). Why pay more next week when you can save money today and use that extra cash to buy a sixer of your favorite craft beer after the event?
  2. You'll get a free t-shirt with your VIP ticket and we're pretty excited about the way they look this year.
  3. Enjoy a full 90 minutes more of tasting beers and sampling food. With more than 50 beers, you can use the extra time to try some that you might have missed with a general admission ticket.

So what are you waiting for? Click this link and buy your VIP tickets before they sell out.

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