Opinions are like...well, you know. Regardless, everyone has an opinion about virtually everything and most people are willing to share it. Social Media has only helped to spur debate about anything from as serious as politics to more recently, the color of a dress and whether a computerized voice is saying "Yanny" or "Laurel".

~ By the way...the dress is blue and black and the computer is clearly saying "Yanny." :)

But there's a debate that people still argue about to this day that I'm about to settle once and for all. Toilet paper on the roll. Over or under? Believe it or not, there IS a correct way!


According to the original 1891 patent for the toilet paper roll, "the end of the roll should be hanging off the exterior." That would mean that OVER is the correct way according to the inventor, Mr. Seth Wheeler.

For me, I've never even thought about it hanging on the roll any differently. Over has been a long-standing rule in the Miller household, but apparently some of you just don't get it.

Amazingly, there was an actual personality test given to 2000 people by a popular relationship expert and TV therapist. Dr. Gilda Carle revealed that those “who roll over are more dominant than those who roll under,” meaning they have a Type-A personality. Under-rollers are the opposite, being a member of the more submissive and laid-back niche. Sorry under-rollers, but you’re probably not going to rule to world any time soon.

The study also found that some over-the-roll-people feel so strongly about the orientation of their toilet paper, that they actually admitted to flipping the roll over if they come across a stray under-roll at someone’s house. Now that’s dedication. Admittedly, I've been that person.

So there you have. The FINAL answer to this heated debate that has plagued our world for far too long. Now you know, and remember, knowing is half the battle!

Roll on and ROLL TIDE!

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