Forgot Something? These Alabama Stores Will Be Open Thanksgiving

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This has been prep week for sure for Thanksgiving Day. I tend to be an over preparer, so I got most of my stuff last week and this past weekend.

Maybe you are the last-minute type of person. Rushing around the city, gathering all your items on Wednesday after work, you like the thrill of it all.

You can make a hundred lists with everything you need to buy for Thanksgiving Day. (I know I’m not the only one). However, it always seems like you forget that you absolutely need one thing after the stores are closed. This can cause a significant panic attack for some.

I don’t know why but when people forget things, no matter what city they are in, they call me for help. (Might because I’m an over-planner). The calls can be random stuff that doesn’t have to do with the Thanksgiving meal, over the counter medicine type items, drink mixers, or necessities for Thanksgiving.

If you have to venture out to stores on Thanksgiving Day, be sure to thank those that are working on a holiday. As always, before going to a store, be sure to check for their store hours because some will have shorter hours for a holiday.

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