Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson said a “big offer” had been extended to the band for a reunion tour in 2019, and that the signs of it taking place are looking good. She and singer Ann Wilson put the band on hiatus in 2016 after a family dispute left the sisters struggling to maintain communication.

“I’ve gotta say, it's looking really good for a Heart reunion tour,” Nancy told the Let There Be Talk podcast. “There's a big offer up there on the table. Me and Ann are talking, so we'll keep talking.”

Asked about who had opened communications between them, she replied, “I've been sort of [trying] for a while, but she was kind of busy and, I think, scared to talk. And I kind of said, 'I'm not ever gonna confront you about anything, but there is this huge offer on the table, so we should talk – just the two of us.' So we're in that process right now. It's kind of exciting.”

You can listen to the interview below.

The dispute flared after Ann’s husband, Dean Wetter, was accused of having assaulted one of Nancy’s children while the band and their families were on tour. Legal action followed and the incident caused a rift, which Ann had said in 2017 probably wouldn’t be permanent.

“There was a family drama that was highly uncalled for and unnecessary and hurtful,” Nancy said in the new interview, “and it was just one of those things that takes time to get past. So, a couple of years have gone by. It's not anything that Ann ever did wrong, or I ever did wrong, but it's just one of those family dramas that just happened, and it just kind of poisoned the atmosphere for a while there. So it's good. I've had a real positive feeling about now that I'm communicating directly more with Ann.”

Since the break, Nancy formed her band Roadcase Royale, featuring other members of Heart, while Ann pursued her solo career.



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