Last night, I think I became a real parent. I'm talking, on a budget, calculating every detail parent. Like, beyond the "This is 30 cents more expensive than that and it's not worth it so I'll just get the less expensive one," calculating. I'm talking about "I use 1.5 cups of milk per bowl of cereal so this 64oz carton of milk should last me two weeks.” I know the math isn’t accurate, but I don’t eat cereal everyday *shrugs*

So there I am, in the middle of Target, shopping for Lysol, hand sanitizer or any kind of disinfectant. Of course I found none, but then thought to get a few necessities while I was there. At first, I all of a sudden ended up looking at the children’s clothing section. Knowing I was on a tight budget, I thought “Maybe I should get Asè some clothes.” I just knew mommy would love putting him in some new clothes to model in for her. Lol.  After fighting the urge to grab some new clothes, I ended up shopping for laundry detergent. I stood there for about 10 min and debated with myself, “which is the smartest buy, liquid detergent or pouches.” As if that wasn’t silly enough, once I decided on pouches, I calculated how many weeks 42 pouches would last. I even used a lifeline and called my wife to see if I was making the smartest decision! I felt pretty good about myself walking out of target last night.

What seemed silly to me years or months ago, is smart and needed. I’m thinking for the long run and not the here and now. I think last night I earned my stripes as a responsible parent lol. Shoutout to Target for having those laundry pouch options too! I really think I’m getting good at this parenting and grown up stuff. Always thinking of my baby and sticking to the budgeting. #SmallVictories

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