We all knew Infinity War would be Marvel’s biggest and most ambitious movie to date — the largest ensemble of heroes, the most major villain, and the longest runtime in the studio’s 10 years of films. But few could have anticipated just how massive a hit the latest Avengers installment has become in less than a week. In its opening weekend alone, Infinity War made more bank than Justice League did in its entire theatrical run. That’s bananas. And it only gets crazier from there.

As THR reports, Infinity War has not only tied with Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the fastest film in history to reach $300 million at the domestic box office — but it’s also on track to become the quickest movie to ever hit $1 billion worldwide. Turns out a lot of people were eager to see Thanos get up off his lazy butt and do some work for once (and also maybe Captain America’s sexy new beard).

By the end of Tuesday, just five days into its release, Infinity War had officially grossed $804 million worldwide; with $300 million of that from U.S. ticket sales, Marvel’s latest crossover tied a previous box office record set by The Force Awakens.

And these numbers don’t even include box office returns from China, where, as THR notes, Infinity War doesn’t hit theaters until May 11. According to experts, it’ll hit the $1 billion mark internationally about a week before its release in China — just 10 or 11 days into its run. It took The Force Awakens 12 days to hit that number.

In addition, Infinity War has now earned more in just five days than the following superhero films earned in their entire theatrical runs: DeadpoolGuardians of the GalaxyThe Amazing Spider-ManX-Men: Days of Future Past, and Suicide Squad.

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