Last week while shopping at one of my favorite stores, I saw that they had already put up many of their Wonderful Christmas Displays. I found this a bit strange because, #1) It was 70 Degrees that day, & #2) The Christmas Displays were right next to The Halloween Candy that didn’t sell just a couple weeks before! I thought to myself, “We’re 1 Week Away From Thanksgiving, Is Turkey Day Just Not Important Anymore?

Now, I don’t know about you, but at my house, Thanksgiving is the 2nd Most Important Holiday of the year, (behind Christmas, obviously). But, are we at a point where Christmas is SO important to retailers, that Thanksgiving is left in the dust? You see it with some Stores starting their Black Friday Sales earlier an earlier each year. Many retailers don’t wait until midnight anymore, they’ll open their doors at 6pm on Thanksgiving Night!

There are however, some stores that are waiting until Black Friday to start their actual Black Friday Sales, and I APPLAUD them! It’s ridiculous to me to be in a rush at The Thanksgiving Table, stuffing a a Turkey Leg, Mac & Cheese, Mash Potatoes & Gravy, plus Stuffing down your throat, just to save 50 Bucks on a 52 Inch Big Screen TV! ENOUGH ALREADY!

Therefore, I propose that stores start showing The Thanksgiving Holiday some Love, instead of shoving it out the door in favor of Christmas.

Thank You & In Advance, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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