First things first... What a stable of running backs. Between Justice Haynes, Jam Miller, Richard Young, and more, plenty of ability there to pound the rock. Jam proved why he won the MVP of the game, landing himself in the end zone twice on eight carries with 83 yards. Running the ball seems to be the main strength, and focus, of this offense. After today it should be no surprise that it is.

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"When they saw a hole today, they hit it." - Deboer's post-game statements on running backs

The offensive line looks to be good enough, meaning run blocking is there, pass pro can use work, and depth is the real concern.

Tyler Booker boasted confidence in the line post-game stating, "We're getting to the place where we can scream our plays, they know what's coming and they still can't stop us." This mentality is the right one to have for this group. With the help and confidence to get there coming from the coaches, as relayed by Booker then these spring worries should be able to take care of themselves. Especially with a most likely return from Proctor.

The receiver group boasted a nice day as well, with Kobe Prentice, Germie Bernard, and Caleb Odom being the main standouts. Other pass catchers were also sprinkled in due to the high number of plays run and depth at the position. The top guys are the top guys, but the depth here points to this being another position for this offense that can deal.

Last but not least are the Quarterbacks.

Jalen Milroe:

Not a bad day for any of these guys. Of course, some could play better, but that comes with development and time. The main standout of course is Jalen Milroe, and rightfully so, but today was not one where he was asked to do much. With what he was given and allowed to do he did a good job, going three for nine with 100 yards, no touchdowns, and no turnovers (ints or fumbles). His shot longest was a deep beauty for 52 yards to Germie Bernard, that set up a nice rushing touchdown. Milroe will continue to grow and learn in this new offense, nothing to be alarmed about from him today.

Ty Simpson, Austin Mack, and Dylan Lonergan:

All three of these guys played a decent bit with the most play time out of this group going to Ty who had a really good day himself. Ty went seven of twelve for 102 yards, no touchdowns, no turnovers, and the longest ball being for 34. He did well management-wise and reading what the defense threw at him. Nothing bad to say from his showing today, definitely a high-quality backup to have and a potential great starter for next season.

Mack had a decent day himself, unfortunately for him the defense started to come on during the time he was able to see the field. A raw talent with huge upside here, there is a reason Deboer brought him in with him. Austin had the least amount of time in the game but he can be developed into a valuable asset.

Lonergan was third in playing time going eight of twelve for 67, no touchdowns, no turnovers, with his longest ball being for 18. Another talent here that can use work, although he struggled at times today, it was mainly due to the defense waking up for his reps and a game format that was wonky at times.

Coach Deboer stated post-game that he was happy with what he saw from the quarterbacks today and that they have been playing quality ball with minimal turnovers all spring.

While the game format was different than normal, it was a great showing for what we have on this offensive roster. While depth concerns for the o-line are the main draw, the skill players balled, poising this offense as one to be reckoned with this fall.

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