College football is expected to approve some new rule changes ahead of the 2024 football season. Following meetings this week, Ross Dellenger of Yahoo Sports reported the major changes in the beloved sport.

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According to Dellenger, college football is expected to approve in-helmet communications for quarterbacks and coaches, approve the use of tablets on the sidelines and in locker rooms at halftime, and add a two-minute warning at halftime and the end of games.

Under the proposed rules, in-helmet communications will cut off with 15 seconds left in the play clock, and only one member of each team can be equipped with microphone capabilities.

The in-helmet communications had been a long time coming in college football, and it was something that the NFL had been using for many years before the college game officially decided to pick it up.

The tablets being used will allow college players to see their mistakes immediately following a drive and make adjustments mid-game. It will make mid-game adjustments easier for college athletics, leading to potentially higher levels of football.

The two-minute warning addition allows for better game planning for a two-minute drill and end-of-game scenarios, as well as more television revenue. In the era of television deals and multi-hundred million dollar contracts, conferences will be able to get more money thanks to more air time for commercials.

The professionalization of college football continues, but it may lead to higher levels of play from the college game. The Big 10 and the SEC will have all the eyes on them with the new rules and new television deals.

These rule changes continue to widen the gap between the power four schools and the group of five.

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