Here in Alabama, we are very familiar with all types of snakes - from Copperheads to water moccasins. We're used to seeing them around the lake or on the river, but we aren’t used to seeing snakes of any kind in our toilets when we go to the bathroom.

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But that’s precisely what happened to a woman in Arizona who discovered a snake living in her bathroom toilet. It took the removal specialist multiple visits to remove the snake from the  toilet. Thankfully, the snake was classified as a non-venomous snake.

Worst Nightmare Feat photo credit Getty images
Worst Nightmare Feat photo credit Getty images

When we visit one of the many zoos in Alabama, we are used to seeing Alligators in enclosures with thick glass between them and us, and we would never expect to see them in our neighborhoods.

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But as the old saying goes, 'never say never.'

Earlier this summer, in North Alabama, there were reports of a giant alligator in someone’s backyard for a few days before deciding to move on.

These are just a couple of incidents when wildlife got a little too close to home for comfort. If you have an occurrence with a wild animal, don’t try to deal with it yourself. Call professional animal control; otherwise, it could become your worst nightmare.

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