It happened to me the other day.

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I go to the Tuscaloosa License Bureau and renew my tags for 2024.

What? Wait a minute ma'am!

What do you mean I'm being fined $200?

You say I can't pay the fine on my bank card? Does it have to be cash only?

Oh, great, I have to get out of the line and find an ATM.

Why is the state of Alabama fining me TWO HUNDRED BUCKS?

Well, because, at some point this year my insurance was not active for 12 hours.

I like my insurance company, however, when you renew it, weird things can happen.

I've called up the corporate office and it seems to be a glitch from time to time.

My monthly rate is incredible (under $50) and I have excellent coverage.

I've been a customer for six years and this rarely happens....BUT...

When it does, it sucks.

I don't know how it all works but if the state of Alabama finds that your car insurance has expired/lapsed for any period, you will be fined $200.

If it happens again within the same year, it will be $400.

And so on and so forth.

When you try to get new tags for any vehicle or if you get pulled over by police it will not feel good.

I don't know what the police can do. Give you a ticket, or a warning, or haul you off kicking and screaming to the county jail?

Not sure, but you show up on the state's computer as a "suspended registration".

Like me, you might not even know it because you did not receive any notice.

It can be a real pain in the you-know-what.


I get it. However, I was uninsured for a few hours and it cost me a chunk of money and hassle.

Only a few reasons will get you off the hook. If you were in jail, in the military, or in the hospital the state would waive the fines.

If you weren't in any of those situations, you are out of luck.

Unless you can prove the state was wrong and your insurance WAS active on the day in question.

Just something I wanted to make folks aware of so you don't get a SURPRISE when you are least expecting it.

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