If you have ever been through a bed bug infestation you know how awful it can be.

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Some of our hometowns here in Alabama have made a list that no city wants to find itself listed on.

These critters are NOT easy to deal with.

According to planetnatural.com:

You must use extremely high heat at 115 degrees Fahrenheit or extreme cold at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and it will easily kill these bugs. To do this, wash any affected clothing and bedding in very hot water for 30 minutes.

What a pain.

This bed bug thing is a big deal. It is now a worldwide problem.

The story linked above claims a "global resurgence" of bed bugs.

That does not sound good at all.

According to the folks at terminix.com, our fair state has THREE cities in the top 50 infested bed bug cities in the USA.

The experts at Terminix state:

Bed bugs spread easily by hitching rides on luggage, backpacks and clothing, and can crawl through cracks in the walls, making common spaces of dorm living extremely vulnerable to infestations.

So, which cities in Alabama make the list?


50. Dothan, Ala.

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Photo: Downtown Dothan Alabama/Facebook

A bed bug is usually pretty small, red or dark brown, and mostly nocturnal insects. They come out late at night to feed off of us humans. Hey, doesn't that sound great?

I lived in Dothan and found it to be a great city. However, one of my best friends, John, dealt with a bed bug infestation during my time in Dothan. We were never able to find the source of the infestation even with professional help.

42. Mobile, Ala.

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Photo: All Things Mobile Alabama/Facebook

Terminix based all rankings on the number of calls and requests from each city.

Some other cities on the list include Atlanta, St. Louis, Orlando, and Nashville.

Now, the highest-ranking city in Alabama:

33. Birmingham, Ala.

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Photo: Birmingham Alabama StreetNews/Facebook

And there it is. The magic city. Well, they haven't made bed bugs disappear in the magic city.

The top five cities overall:

5. New York, N.Y.

4. Detroit, Mich.

3. Philadelphia, Pa.

2. Cleveland, Ohio

1. Los Angeles, Calif.

So, tonight, it might be a good idea to do a quick bed check.

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