A woman from Alabama reports that she was called into a security room at Universal Studios in Orlando and told she was causing problems.

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The woman (who asked for her first name only to be used), known as Paula, reports that she felt shocked and embarrassed by the incident.

She says that the employee informed her that she was "making people very uncomfortable" at the theme park. Paula was then told she would need to change her clothing to remain in the park.

By the way, Paula was wearing a crop top and white shorts and she claims that many other females wore similar outfits to the theme park that same day.

The incident happened earlier, yet only came to light recently.

Paula told us that she felt like she was "targeted because of my large breasts".

She feels like "I am being discriminated against because of my breast size. I noticed other people staring and it embarrassed me".

How bad could it be right?

“You have a larger chest and are struggling to find cute outfits,” she wrote in a TikTok that has amassed thousands of views.
Photo: TikTok/CassieBrim

Can you imagine being made "uncomfortable" enough to complain to security over someone and their outfit?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

In the photo below, the lady on the left is wearing a very similar top to what Paula wore that landed her in hot water 💦

The latest trend taking off on TikTok is big-breasted women reclaiming their space in fashion.
Photo: Getty Images/istockphoto

I phoned Universal Studios and they did not want to discuss the incident with "the media".

People should be allowed to wear what they want, unless of course, it is way over the top.

What's over the top?

Some kind of see-through top or no top at all. If it is flagrant, most of us are going to agree.

Short of that, I do not see the harm.

If you are healthy and blessed from birth up top, that is not your fault. The rest of us need to chill unless it goes way, way over the line.

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