Three Alabama small towns have achieved an incredible feat by making it onto the highly coveted "2024 150 Best Small Towns in America" list, as featured in the Family Destinations Guide.

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According to Life and Whim, here are 7 reasons why life in a small town can make you happier.

Simple everyday moments

Fewer expenses

More time

More nature

More connection

More community spirit

Greater focus on experiences over things

The team at Family Destinations Guide “polled 3,000 families across the US to identify the best small towns worth exploring.”

Best Alabama Small Towns According to Family Destinations Guide

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Ranking #134 – Fairhope, Alabama

The charming town of Fairhope is located in Baldwin County, Alabama. Also, Alabamians like to call that area “L.A. - Lower Alabama.” It serves up a small-town flavor with a southern twist.  It is a darling Bayfront town.

Ranking #80 – Eufaula, Alabama

Filled with rich history, Eufaula is located in Barbour County, Alabama. From museums, parks, lake life, and so much more, you could really unwind in this small town. Plus there is great food too.

Ranking #42 – Monroeville, Alabama

This southern town is located in Monroe County, Alabama. In addition, since so many well-known author authors have lived in Monroeville, it is known as the “Literary Capital of Alabama.” Also, Main Street is filled with lots of unique finds.

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